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Crystal Schaeffer

Practice Manager, RVT, BAS

When she was a young girl, Crystal would always find friendship with the stray animals in her Indianapolis neighborhood. As a young lady, she vowed she would dedicate her life to preserving the human-animal bond!

In 1999, Crystal started her career in a general practice and was quickly promoted to lead nurse. She joined the Noah’s family in 2002 and has spent the last 10 years in emergency medicine and critical care. She graduated from Cedar Valley College with her veterinary technician’s degree in 2010 and is currently pursing another degree from St. Petersburg College.

Along with her Veterinary Technician title, Crystal is also the Technician Director of Emergency Medicine and the Director of Technician Development. Crystal is affiliated with several professional veterinary organizations, including the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America and the American Animal Hospital Association.

At home, Crystal lives with her supportive husband, their teenage son, and their toddler. She also has two lab retrievers named Levi and Isiah, four cats, and a blue-front amazon parrot named Sunny G. All of her pets are rescue animals!

In her spare time, Crystal enjoys canoeing, spelunking, camping, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. She also likes reading and live music.

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Photo of  Crystal  Schaeffer

Heather Hooten

Veterinary Assistant

Every time Heather’s family took their terrier to the vet, she was fascinated by the veterinary procedures and would help whenever she could. She realized she wanted to work in the veterinary field as well. Now she’s a veterinary assistant at Noah’s Animal Hospital and Emergency!

Heather was born in Indianapolis, but lived in Iowa and New York as a kid because of her father’s military career. She attended International Business College in Fort Wane, Indiana to receive her assistant’s certificate, then did an externship at a local clinic. Eventually she became a part of the caring Noah’s team and couldn’t be happier. She particularly enjoys orthopedic surgeries, as well as dental procedures, spays, and neuters.

Heather was recently married to her husband Billy. They have three dogs, Porter, Scrappy, and Pepper. In her spare time, Heather enjoys riding motorcycles with her husband and regularly rides in benefit fundraisers.

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Photo of  Heather  Hooten

Mandy Nestlerode

Veterinary Assistant

When she was trying to find a career path that fit her, Mandy started working at the Humane Society to pay the bills. She fell in love with the job and her veterinary career was started!

Mandy was born in South Bend, Indiana and lived in Michigan until she was three, when she moved to Indianapolis with her family. Now she’s a veterinary assistant at Noah’s Animal Hospital and Emergency, where she loves rehabilitating pets that have gone through surgery. It makes her so happy to see a dog come back after surgery and being able to move normally again!

At home, Mandy has two cats, Kitters and Sami. Mandy has a special interest in animal welfare and rehab, and still volunteers at the zoo or Humane Society when she has time.

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Photo of  Mandy  Nestlerode

Courtney Robinson

Veterinary Assistant

Courtney was always trying to take care of stray cats and kittens when she was a young girl—she would even put them in her doll strollers and push them around! Her love of animals persisted, and now she works as a Veterinary Assistant!

Courtney started her veterinary career in 2001, when she was given the opportunity to work at a local animal hospital. After moving her son to a school in Indianapolis, she needed a job closer to him, and was quickly hired on at Noah’s in 2010! She loves taking care of patients in the ICU, and loves knowing pet owners are relying on them to care for their family members. She also has a weakness for Persian cats.

In addition to her son and daughter, Courtney has many pets at home: three cats, Dusty, Eppia, and Dora, as well as a 95-pound black lab mix. When she isn’t at work or tending to her children and pets, Courtney likes to ride four wheelers in the woods with her boyfriend. They also enjoy spending time together with friends and family.

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Lindsey Shinabarger

Veterinary Technician

Biography coming soon.

Photo of  Lindsey  Shinabarger

Melissa Gruver

Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon.

Nicole Henson

Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon.

Elise Bell

Veterinary Technician, BAS

Biography coming soon.

Matt Waggoner

Veterinary Technician

Matt has always been interested in healing animals, but knew he didn’t necessarily want to become a veterinarian. In high school, his agriculture teacher encouraged him to check out a Technician school in Denver. This sparked Matt’s interest in the Veterinary Technician profession, and now he works as a Tech in the diagnostic imaging department at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency!

Matt grew up on the south side of Indianapolis with his two older brothers and sister. By March of 2000, he had moved to Denver to start school at the Bel-Rea Institute of Veterinary Science and secured a job as a veterinary assistant at a large animal hospital. After graduation, Matt took a job as an emergency technician at an Indianapolis clinic, eventually becoming a supervisor after receiving his Veterinary Practice Manager certificate from the Krannert School at Purdue University. In March of 2014, Matt came to work at VSEC after hearing about the position from a former co-worker.

What Matt enjoys most about his work is being able to help veterinarians determine what is wrong with a patient by using different imaging techniques. He loves being able to see the anatomy of a pet’s body, and is always intrigued by the latest and greatest technology.

Currently, Matt lives on the south side of Indianapolis with his four-year-old daughter Eva. The family has a dog, Lulabelle, and two cats: Maxine and Ronald Weasley. Also occupying the home is a Senegal parrot named Magick Bird and three egg-laying hens, Henrietta, Esther, and Nellie.

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Kirby Andry

Customer Service Team

Biography coming soon.

Abby Kinkaid

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon.

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