Cleaning Tips for Cat Owners

One of the best things about cats is the fact that they are for the most part quite clean. Your furball will groom herself, and will use her litterbox to see to her needs. That said, Fluffy isn’t purrfect, and she will need some picking up after. In this article, an Indianapolis, IN vet offers cleaning tips for people with cats.

Remove Kitty Claw Marks

Has your furball used a post or doorframe as a manicure station? Use a gel stain to mask the scratches. You can also get a piece of thick plastic to hang on a door or wall Fluffy is scratching. If your pet is using a corner, try putting clear, two-sided tape on it. Your feline pal will hate the feeling, and will look for another nail-care statin. (Tip: this will work best if you offer your pet a suitable scratching post or cat tower.)

Fur Busting

Fluffy’s pretty fur is one of her cutest attributes, but it looks better on her than it does on your furniture. Use a squeegee, a damp cloth, or rubber dish gloves to get kitty fur off your clothing and upholstery. (Tip: brushing your feline buddy regularly will trap her dead hair in a brush, reducing the amount of fur you find on your belongings.)

Stain Remover

Did you know that baking soda and vinegar work great at getting pet stains out of carpets? You can also get an enzyme-based cleaner at a store. That said, it may also be worth your while to pick up a carpet steamer.

Dust and Dander

A good air filter can make a huge difference in keeping the air in your home smelling fresh. Change your air filters out regularly. We also recommend vacuuming heavily trafficked areas daily. Follow up with more thorough cleanings every week.

Litter Spreading

It isn’t uncommon for Fluffy to kick litter around, or track it through the house. A covered litterbox will help with this. Litter-trapping mats also work, though they need quite a bit of cleaning themselves. Try putting a large plastic bin cover beneath the litterbox to help trap litter. If you have room, you can also put Fluffy’s litterbox in a dry kiddie pool.

Does your kitty need an exam, vaccinations, or spay/neuter surgery? Call us! As your local Indianapolis, IN animal clinic, we are dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care.

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