How to Handle Your Dog’s Shedding

Do you often find yourself covered in pet fur? Are you wondering how there can possibly still be so much fur left on your dog? Our canine friends have many wonderful qualities: they are loyal, loving, fun, and super cute. That fur coat is undeniably part of Fido’s charm … at least, until he starts shedding. In this article, your Central Indianapolis veterinarian offers tips for dealing with your pup’s shedding.


A damp mop is great for removing Fido’s fur from flooring. To clean your carpets, use a vacuum cleaner or a window squeegee. Carpets trap fur, so adding area rugs to rooms with wood or vinyl fur may cut down on the amount of fur that is floating around in the air. When your furry pal is shedding heavily, daily vacuuming is recommended.


It can be a hassle to remove all that dog fur from your upholstery, but luckily, there are some products that really help. Lint rollers, pet hair magnets, and even damp sponges or washcloths are all very effective at removing pet hair from couches and chairs. You might also find it easier to put a throw blanket down onto Fido’s favorite spot, as you can then just toss the blanket into the wash. Last but not least, washable slipcovers are another great option for protecting your furniture.

Blinds and Draperies

Some fabrics will attract and hold pet hair more than others will. The next time you go shopping for window treatments, choose fabrics that don’t trap fur. Use a feather duster to swipe the spaces between blinds.

The Furbaby

To really solve any problem, you’ll need to address the source. In this case, that would be that adorable, furry pal of yours! Regular brushing is definitely required for animals that shed heavily. Brushing your furkid won’t change the amount of fur being shed, but it will trap more fur in the brush. More fur in the brush means less on your clothing and furniture!


Lint rollers are a must for people with shedding pets. We recommend getting a few different sizes, and always keeping one handy. Adding dryer sheets to the laundry will also help remove extra fur from your clothing.

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