What’s Behind Your Cat’s Crying and Meowing Racket

Your cat Dixie is auditioning for your city’s “Feline Idol” competition. Since your feline singer wants to grab the judges’ attention, she has been practicing her vocals at all hours of the day. Most of the time, your little vocalist wanders the house, meowing almost constantly for hours. Occasionally, Dixie erupts into a strange high-pitched wailing that gives you the chills. You’ve asked your vet Central Indianapolis to make your long-winded cat stop her noisy behavior. Read more about cats’ excessive vocalizations.

Unmistakable Symptoms

Dixie’s monotone meowing goes on almost constantly, although she takes occasional breaks for food and water. You’ve gotten used to her plaintive moaning, but the yowling sometimes catches you by surprise. Since twelve-year-old Dixie’s now a senior cat, she’s even more likely to carry on all night. If your cat was a breeding-age female, she’d probably work her vocal cords while engaging in mating behavior.

Medical or Emotional Reason

First, your vet wants to eliminate a medical cause for Dixie’s behavior. He’ll give your loud-mouthed cat a thorough physical exam, and he might order several additional tests. If Dixie’s healthy, she might be mourning the loss of a feline or human friend. Since she’s a creature of habit, a series of household disruptions could have caused significant distress for your cat, and she’s letting you know.

Other Causes for the Deafening Din

Since Dixie the Diva loves attention, she might figure her excessive noise will get you to notice her. If your household includes other cats, Dixie might be battling for control, using the deafening racket as a tool to intimidate her feline foes. After all, she wants to move up through the pecking order.

Diverse Treatment Options

First, your vet will address Dixie’s medical problem, if applicable. Next, he’ll likely ask you to stop punishing or comforting her when she launches into a tirade. When Dixie quiets down, reward her for that desirable behavior. Believe it or not, cat obedience training might make a difference. Ask the vet if a targeted medication might also be useful.

Your vet Central Indianapolis also wants Dixie’s excessive meowing and wailing to stop. Once he designs a treatment plan that accomplishes that goal, your household should become a lot quieter.

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