Help Your Dog Overcome His Separation Anxiety

Your retriever mix Cooper has more acting skills than a Hollywood movie star. For some time, your two-personality pooch has shown his happy, fun-loving side to the outside world. However, your family has learned that your canine companion can also exhibit much darker behaviors when he’s left home alone. Your home security cam footage makes you suspect that your furry family member has rampant separation anxiety. You’ve asked your veterinarian Indianapolis to determine what’s behind Cooper’s antics, and provide him with some helpful behavioral counseling. Learn more about canine separation anxiety.

Barking Tirades

Before your car even exits the driveway, Cooper clears his throat and begins his noteworthy barking marathon. Since barking for hours would probably bore your high-energy pooch, he alternates with rounds of ferocious growling and even howling. Because dogs need food, water, and potty breaks, Cooper stops for those diversions. He doesn’t waste much time, though, quickly resuming his work until a family member returns home.

Jaws of Destruction

Since Cooper has some impressive jaws, he has effortlessly chewed through your living room furniture set. Your goal-directed pooch takes the balanced approach, shredding the couch for awhile before switching to the matching loveseat and chairs. When he tires of fine furniture, Cooper works on your hallway baseboards. Besides the cosmetic damage and replacement costs, you’re worried about Cooper really hurting himself by chomping on something dangerous.

Unusual Fecal Fascination

During Cooper’s potty walks, he efficiently performs his business and trots home, completely disinterested in his feces. When he’s left alone, though, your dog’s alternate personality emerges. After Cooper leaves a nice smelly pile on the floor, he scarfs down his deposits to eliminate the evidence.

Canine Escape Artist

You really thought Cooper’s sturdy plastic crate would help him to remain calmer. You even filled the kennel with toys and snacks. However, Cooper quickly demolished his portable prison before focusing on your spare bedroom’s door. Fortunately, you returned home before your canine destroyer could access the rest of the house.

You’ve read that while some dogs only exhibit slight separation anxiety symptoms, other dogs go completely crazy when they’re left by themselves. After your veterinarian Indianapolis studies Cooper’s symptoms, he’ll design a treatment strategy for your panicked pooch. After all, the vet wants Cooper to better handle his “home alone” sessions. If you believe your dog exhibits separation anxiety symptoms, call your vet for his expert advice.

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