Dental Care for Dogs

Does your pup have bad breath? Doggy breath isn’t exactly supposed to smell fresh and clean, but if your canine buddy’s kisses are particularly stinky, he could have some dental issues. Your dog’s dental care is very important. Bad breath is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems that can develop from improper dental care. Just like people, dogs can develop gum disease, which can contribute to some very serious health issues, such as heart disease. In this article, your local vet Central Indianapolis gives some tips on how to keep Fido’s choppers in good shape.


Brushing is really the best way to remove plaque from your pup’s teeth before it can develop into tartar. The best way to get Fido used to having his teeth cleaned is to start him out while he is little. If you’ve adopted an older dog, or if your pup is already grown, you can still teach him about brushing. Start by handling his lips, mouth, and gums. Always follow with a treat, and speak softly to your dog while working with him. Shorter, more frequent sessions are best. Once he’s used to having his mouth handled, start to massage his gums with a finger. You don’t have to do his whole mouth at once. Just do one small section at a time, and do another area the next day.

Dental Treats

If Fido won’t go for having his teeth brushed, you can still help manage his plaque buildup by getting him some treats that are specially formulated as dental treats. These treats are made to help break down plaque, and while they won’t be as effective as brushing, they will still help. Don’t be afraid to try a few kinds to see which Fido likes best!

Veterinary Checkups

When you bring your canine buddy in for his regular visits, talk to your vet about dental care. Your vet will advise you on Fido’s dental health. He will also recommend any treatments that can help improve his condition.


Chewing helps stimulate saliva, which will aid in keeping Fido’s mouth clean. It will also help keep his jaw muscles in shape. Make sure your pooch always has plenty of good quality chew toys.

Symptoms of Dental Issues

Bad breath, bleeding gums or swollen gums, and drooling are a few symptoms that could indicate dental issues. In severe cases, your dog may lose interest in his toys, and may eat less. If you think your dog may have dental problems, contact your local vet clinic Central Indianapolis to schedule an exam.

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