Cats and the Holidays

As the holidays draw closer, many people look forward to spending time with their loved ones and eating some delicious holiday food. Furkids are part of the family too, so it’s only natural that they be included in the holiday festivities. Read on as your vet Indianapolis gives a few tips on holiday care for pets.


Every year, many beautiful Christmas trees are toppled over by frisky felines. You really can’t blame Fluffy for trying. Cats have been climbing trees since, well, since there have been cats. It’s likely your furball thinks of your beautiful Christmas tree as her personal playground. Use a solid base with multiple legs. It’s also wise to use non-breakable ornaments, at least at the bottom, where they make tempting batting toys for kitties. Don’t be surprised if you find your kitty sleeping under the tree. After all, she is a gift.


Many pet owners include their furballs in holiday festivities. Why not get Fluffy her own stocking? Catnip mice, kitty treats, a new kitty bed, or a few cans of tuna or salmon are a few options for gifts for kitties. That said, your furball will probably have a blast jumping into boxes as gifts are opened. This makes for lots of cute pictures to add to holiday albums. Just be sure to remove extra string, tape, and small things that could be choking hazards.


If you are planning to travel for the holiday, start planning your pet’s holiday early. If you are taking your cat with you, be sure to research options for travel and lodging to be sure your pet can be accommodated. Pet sitters are a great option, as they will allow you to leave your furkids safe and sound at home. Pet sitters can get very busy around the holidays, so you’ll want to start looking early, and give yourself time to schedule a trial run with your pet sitter. Don’t forget to check references, and ask about contingency plans!


Holiday food! Yum! We love it, and we’re pretty sure your pets will as well. It’s not unusual for our furry friends to wind up with some extra tidbits in their plates around the holidays. Chocolate is an absolute no-no, as it is poisonous to dogs and cats. Garlic, scallions, and onions are also dangerous to pets, and are often used as seasoning in those delicious holiday casseroles. Be sure to pay close attention to what ends up in your pets’ bowls, and make sure young children don’t unknowingly feed the furballs unapproved treats.

We at your local vet clinic Indianapolis want to wish you all a happy holiday season!

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