Heroic Kitties

There have been many documented instances of our canine buddies saving lives, and you’ve very likely heard some astonishing stories of dogs’ bravery and loyalty, but did you know that our feline friends are also able to perform amazing acts of heroism? Kitties may be small in size, but they are capable of some very big deeds. In this article, your vet Central Indianapolis tells of a few very special kitties that came to the rescue when their human friends were in need of a helping paw.


Monty’s act of heroism was so astonishing it earned him a spot in the Purina Hall of Fame. This orange furball became a hero when his owner, a diabetic, became very ill one night and began slipping into a diabetic coma in her sleep. Monty, sensing something was wrong, bit her hand until she rose. Realizing she wasn’t feeling right, the woman checked her sugar and found that her levels were dangerously low.


Basil, a black and white kitty, is credited with saving his owners’ lives. When Basil’s humans accidentally left the gas on, Basil alerted them that something was wrong by jumping on them and pawing their faces to wake them up. Upon waking, Basil’s owners smelled the gas immediately. If Basil hadn’t alerted them, the pilot light would have gone on, which could have resulted in a deadly explosion.


Smudge, a kitty that was rescued from a shelter, came to the rescue of his human ‘sibling’, and saved the little boy from bullies. When a group of children started taunting and bullying Smudge’s human buddy, the fearless kitty attacked the bullies, who ran away crying. Smudge was nominated for National Cat of The Year for his heroics.


Tara recently made national news after saving his four-year-old human friend from an attacking dog. The brave kitty launched himself at the dog, and drove the animal away. The entire episode was caught on video, which rapidly went viral.


Rusty was rescued from a humane society, and repaid her savior in kind. When Rusty’s human grew ill one day and wanted to lay down, the loving kitty fretted and kept bothering her, which was unusual. Rusty’s owner decided to heed her furball’s warning, and made a doctor’s appointment, but when she kept feeling worse and worse, she decided to call 911 instead. It turned out she was suffering a heart attack!

These are just a few examples of how cats repay us for loving and taking care of them. Of course, kitties also help us by offering unconditional love and making us smile with their antics!

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