Your Aging Cat

Cats are wonderful friends and animals. It may seem like just yesterday that your cat was a little ball of furry kitten cuteness. Perhaps your furball came to you as a teenager, or even an adult cat. Time spent with our favorite furry friends goes by very quickly. You may be in for a bit of a shock the first time you notice your kitty has a bit of grey fur around her mouth. Cats reach their senior years between seven and ten years old, typically. As your cat ages, her needs will change. She’s still the same lovable feline as ever, but she will need a bit more help than she once did.

Here are a few things from your vet clinic Central Indianapolis to keep in mind as your kitty enters her golden years:


As Fluffy ages, she may find it more difficult to jump on and off furniture. You can help your little furball out by placing low ottomans or pet stairs near her favorite sleeping spots, and help her out if you see that she is planning to get up or down from a chair or sofa. Cats are pretty good at sleeping anywhere and everywhere, but as they age, they need a bit more padding. Getting your kitty a good orthopedic bed will ensure that she always has a comfy spot to sleep in that is easy for her to access.


Your vet will be able to advise you as to when it’s time to switch Fluffy over to a senior type of cat food. Your kitty may be put on a special diet if she develops a health condition, such as kidney issues, as she ages. Make sure to stick to the recommended serving sizes to help keep your furry friend at a healthy weight. Obesity can cause quite a few problems in senior pets, so keeping your cat at a healthy weight will help her stay healthy longer.


As your furball ages, she may become stiffer and less mobile. Consider getting a litter box with a lower step, which is easier for her to get in and out of, and keep her food, water, litter and bedding on one floor, so she doesn’t have to go up and down stairs.

There is a certain charm animals get as they age. Senior pets can be just as adorable as baby animals in their own way, and the love of an older pet is very sweet and gratifying. As your cat ages, keep in mind that what she needs most is your love.

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