Advice for Kitties – How to Help Your Human

If you share your Indianapolis home with a cat, chances are, your kitty sometimes does things that seem a bit odd. Cats play by their own rules, and they don’t necessarily share those rules with the rest of us.

If there was a rulebook for housecats, however, we suspect it may look something like this:


Humans tend to clutter up coffee tables and countertops. If you are allowed access to these flat surfaces, make sure to knock any small items off them. Your human will likely put these things where they actually belong, thus making the home look neater. If you are not allowed access to these spots, do it anyway.


Be sure to leave cat hair on the furniture. Your humans will have to remove it, by vacuum or lint roller. This will also remove any dust and their furniture will look better than it did before you slept there. Your humans may complain, but they are secretly grateful.

Restroom Duty

Humans like to shut the door when they are in the restroom. This is not acceptable. Make sure to cry or scratch at the door, and even put a paw under it on occasion. This is to ensure they don’t have another cat in there.


Humans take their clothing out of a noisy machine. The clothes often come out of this machine quite warm. You can help your human by immediately jumping into the warm laundry, which will prevent it from cooling off too quickly. This is especially helpful in cold weather.

Reading Materials

Rather than accepting that we felines have all the wisdom they need, sometimes humans like to read books, newspapers, or magazines. Try to sprawl out in the middle of the page. This is to remind them that cats have more knowledge than any book. Note: this rule now also applies to computers.

Changing Bed Sheets

When you see your human changing the sheets, immediately jump on the bed. If you don’t do this, they could forget and walk away, and you might have to nap on an unmade bed. This is unacceptable.


Occasionally darting out in front of your human will help keep them in shape, as they will have to quickly readjust their balance. This is good for them, particularly if they are carrying things. Humans don’t always realize what’s good for them, so if they scold you, just ignore it.

We’d like to add one more to this theoretical list: When your human takes you to your Indianapolis vet, you can voice your displeasure, but don’t scratch the vet. They really do have your best interests in mind.

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