Choosing a Dog Groomer

Just like people, dogs often feel their best when they look their best. Proper grooming is important to both your canine’s health and appearance. While some breeds require more grooming than others, all dogs need some form of grooming. You can take a DIY route with your pup’s beauty regimen, but many people prefer the convenience of dropping Fido off at the salon, particularly if your pooch’s fur is prone to mats or tangles. You’ll want to choose a groomer for your Central Indianapolis dog carefully, because you’ll be seeing quite a bit of them.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right groomer:


If at all possible, go with a groomer that is recommended to you by a friend or family member. A quick online search may provide reviews, which can be very helpful. You’ll also want to check the Better Business Bureau site for any negative comments or ‘red flag’ testimonials.


Some groomers may have certification from a grooming school, but currently there are no mandates requiring or overseeing licensing. That may happen in the future, but for now, you’ll have to take any credentials at face value. That said, certificates will indicate that your groomer has had some professional training, so credentials are a positive sign.


Before bringing your dog to your groomer, stop by the facility in person. First and foremost, you will of course want to note how clean the place is. Ask to look at the cages, and make sure that your pooch will have room to stand up and turn around in his ‘waiting room’. You can get a really good feel for how friendly and caring the staff is by stopping in unexpectedly.


One thing to find out is whether or not your potential groomer keeps records. If you have a senior pooch, for instance, or a dog with a medical condition, you don’t want to have to tell them each time. Your dog should be up to date on all shots and vaccinations before their first visit to the doggy salon. You’ll also need to let the groomer know ahead of time if your dog has any chronic health or behavioral issues.

We do advise brushing your pup yourself, even if you do choose to go to a professional groomer. Brushing is a quiet time you can enjoy with your pet, and you may find it relaxes both you and your furry buddy. It is also a great opportunity to check your canine friend for any scratches, bumps, or growths.

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