Leaving Cats at Home

If you are going to be taking a vacation and getting away from Indianapolis for a while, you may be planning on leaving your cat home. Cats are far more self-reliant than dogs, so many cat owners assume it is quite safe to leave their felines at home with several days’ worth of food and water. While it is true that a cat won’t require quite as much care as a dog, it isn’t a good idea to leave them for more than a day or two by themselves. We strongly recommend having someone stop over and check on your kitty, preferably at least once a day.

Here are a few reasons why your cat should not be left alone:

Sudden Illness

Some of the illnesses cats are susceptible to, such as urinary tract blockage, can develop very quickly. Sadly, many people come home to find their feline friends gravely ill. It’s best to make sure that Fluffy is well, rather than assume everything is fine.


You won’t be able to leave canned food out for your furball, as it will spoil. Dry food will last longer, but for cats that are used to eating canned food, being left dry kibbles is the equivalent of being left alone with only bread and water. Fluffy’s water also needs to be refreshed daily.

Separation Issues

Being left alone can be quite stressful for cats. Lonely cats may howl, soil outside the litter box, scratch things, or groom themselves obsessively. Some cats will even stop eating, which is very dangerous for our feline friends. Ideally, your kitty sitter should be able to stay and spend a little time with your cat, perhaps while watching TV or eating dinner.


There’s no end to the types of mischief our feline friends can get into. Cats are capable of closing doors and locking themselves into a room, getting stuck in things, or knocking a glass figurine onto the floor, then walking into glass shards. These are just a few possible scenarios; the possibilities are endless.

Kittens should never be left alone; if your furball is a baby, she’s best off staying with a responsible friend or family member while you’re gone.

To help keep Kitty from getting anxious when left alone, we recommend leaving a TV or radio on for her. Some cats enjoy watching wildlife shows, particularly those with birds or fish. Your cat should also have access to at least one window with a good view of your Indianapolis yard or neighborhood, so Fluffy can watch birds or squirrels, or people, if she prefers. Some new toys won’t hurt, either.

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