Cats That Swim

Does your Indianapolis cat hate getting wet? If so, your feline friend is not unusual … at least, not in that aspect. It’s no secret that cats generally don’t like water. Scientists aren’t sure exactly why our furry buddies generally insist in staying on dry land, but some theorize that cats get nervous near the water because of the threat of hidden predators, such as alligators. Perhaps cats know that currents can easily overpower them. Cat fur also gives off a stronger scent when it is wet than dry fur does, which can alert both predators and prey to Kitty’s presence. Maybe cats just don’t want anyone to see what they look like when they get wet. Whatever the reason, chances are your feline probably wants nothing to do with baths, pools, or any other type of water. Cats are nothing if not enigmatic, however, and they rarely play by the rules. There are some cats that actually like swimming.

Here are a few cat breeds that often enjoy water:

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair, one of the five first officially recognized cat breeds, tends to love splashing around in sinks or tubs. If your kitty is an American Shorthair, you may find her playing in her water bowl, or splashing her paws under the faucet.


These bold and quirky kitties never got the memo that they aren’t supposed to like water. Bengals are known for their love of water. A Bengal kitty may jump in your shower, play in the water bowl, or attack a plastic water bottle.

Turkish Van

Legend has it that this fluffy kitty jumped overboard from Noah’s Ark and swam to Turkey. We can’t verify that, but we do know that these cuties enjoy swimming and playing in shallow water. They’ve even been known to figure out how to turn faucets off and on. Their cousins, the Turkish Angora, also like water.

Japanese Bobtail

These adorable felines originated on a Japanese island, so possibly they never realized water is supposed to scare them. They seem almost made for swimming; their beautiful, red, black and white coats are water resistant. Aquarium fish are at high risk in the presence of a Japanese Bobtail. Their overseas kin, the American Bobtail, also loves water.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat comes from the land of Vikings, so it’s not so much of a surprise that these longhaired beauties are fond of water. They’re particularly partial to fish. Their smaller cousins, the Maine Coon Cat, may also enjoy water.

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