Giving Your Cat a Pill Without the Hassle

Many cat owners know how difficult it can be to get their furry friend to swallow their medication. Try the methods discussed below by your Indianapolis veterinarian if you need to give your cat a pill.

The Hide

In many cases, the most hassle-free way to get your cat to swallow a pill is to hide it in food or inside a treat. Try stuffing the pill into a little ball of wet food, then feeding it to your cat. Or, wrap the pill up in a small slice of deli meat. With any luck, your cat will happily gobble up the food without knowing a pill was inside of it!

There is a very small chance that the medication you’re giving your cat could have adverse reactions with the food you’re serving it with—just in case, contact your vet to check that the food you’re using is compatible with the pill.

The Crush

With some medications, you can crush them up using a muddler, spoon, or other hard object, then sprinkle them over food or stir the powder in. Make sure the pill is ground to a fine powder—this will make it harder to detect in your cat’s food, increasing the chance she’ll gobble it up without a problem.

Don’t go crushing right away, though. Some medications won’t work at all if they’re crushed up. Even more dangerous, some pills are meant to release their medication in increments, and crushing it up could introduce it to your cat’s system all at once. Avoid the potentially hazardous reactions of this by checking with your vet before crushing up a pill.

The Wrap-Up

If all else fails, you’ll have to manually administer the pill. Wrap your cat up in a blanket with her facing away from you. With one hand, gently apply pressure to the corners of the mouth with your thumb and index finger. Once your cat’s mouth opens, drop the pill in with the other hand. Rub the throat a little to stimulate swallowing, then offer a treat for a job well-done.

Ask your Indianapolis veterinarian for help if you’re still having trouble. He or she can even demonstrate good techniques for giving medication to cats, so call the clinic today.

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