Skin and Fur Health Tips for Cats

Although cats are pretty good at grooming themselves, that’s not all that’s needed to produce a great-looking, healthy coat! Keep your cat’s skin and fur in tip-top shape with these guidelines from your Indianapolis vet.

General Check-Up

Once a week, sit down with your cat and give her skin and fur a general once-over. A healthy cat’s coat should look clean and glossy, not dry and dirty. Note any bald patches, sores, scratches, or other anomalies within your cat’s coat and skin, and call your vet to ask how to proceed.


A great coat and healthy skin starts not from the outside, but from the inside! Having your cat eat a high-quality feline diet her whole life will do wonders for the fur and skin. Ask your vet for a recommendation on a nutritionally complete and well-balanced cat kibble.

Regular Brushing

Consistent brushing does more than just straighten out your cat’s fur. It removes loose hair and dead skin, gets rid of grime, loosens tangles, and spreads essential skin oils throughout the fur, keeping it healthy and shiny. Sit down once a week with your cat and give her a nice grooming session. This can be especially helpful for older or arthritic cats who can’t reach areas they once could.

Note Hairballs

The occasional hairball isn’t a problem, since cats naturally ingest some hair while grooming themselves. Brushing your cat regularly should reduce the hair she ingests even more. If you do see an unusually high number of hairballs, something could be amiss. It’s best to have your veterinary professional take a look, so set up an appointment at the clinic as soon as possible.

Watch Behavior

Keep an eye on how your cat acts. Excessive grooming, increased shedding, or tireless scratching could indicate that something is wrong. Allergies, fleas, or skin conditions could cause these behaviors, so you’ll want to have your cat examined promptly.

Ask your Indianapolis veterinarian about other potential indicators of health problems in your cat, and see if he or she can recommend other great ways to keep your cat’s coat healthy!

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