Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box

Cats can be very picky in the bathroom department—some won’t use a litter box that isn’t cleaned regularly, so it’s important that you keep it fresh for your feline friend. Use these simple steps from an Central Indianapolis veterinarian to keep the litter box clean.

The Daily Scoop

Of course, you’ll need to scoop out your cat’s box once a day. A scoop with small, close-set slits or holes will work best, since they won’t take a lot of unused litter with them. Once you’ve taken out all of your cat’s droppings, add a bit of fresh litter to replace what was removed. Some cat owners even sprinkle a bit of baking soda over the new litter to keep it fresher for longer.

Weekly Clean

Pick one day out of the week to set aside for the litter box’s deep clean. Dump the litter out completely, then soak the empty box in hot water for 10 or 15 minutes. For boxes that have tough spots or that are particularly smelly, try adding a small dab of dish soap, a bit of vinegar, or a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. It’s best to avoid bleaches, ammonia, or other potentially harmful chemicals that could leave behind hazardous residue.

Take a sponge or brush and thoroughly scrub the walls of the box before rinsing the box out completely.

Dry and Replace

Once your cat’s litter box is totally clean, let it air dry completely or use a hair dryer or towel to help it along. Now, sprinkle some baking soda on the bare bottom of the box before refilling it with fresh litter. This will keep the smells to a minimum until next week’s deep cleaning session.

Consult your Central Indianapolis veterinarian for more advice on keeping your pet’s litter box clean and fresh. With a daily scoop and a weekly deep clean, your cat’s litter box—and your home—will smell fresh all year round!

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