Lillies: A Pretty Danger to Cats

Lily plants might be nice to look at—the Tiger lily, Easter lily, Asiatic lily, and lily of the valley are some rather common garden or house flowers. What you may not know is that this species of plant is actually toxic to cats and your pet only would need to ingest a small amount to become sick or worse. Below, a Central Indianapolis veterinarian tells you more.

Symptoms in Your Cat

A cat that has ingested a lily plant—it may only take two leaves to become extremely toxic—may vomit, drool, lose his appetite, or become dehydrated. If your cat is vomiting and you see recognizable pieces of the plant in the vomit, it’s a sure sign he’s ingested a toxic lily. Ask your vet about what other symptoms your pet might display upon lily poisoning.

What to Do

In some cases, you’ll need to induce vomiting at home before taking your pet to your local emergency pet hospital. Call your vet to see if you should do this and how to go about it.

If you suspect your cat has ingested a toxic lily plant, take him to your Central Indianapolis vet as soon as possible. If possible, bring a piece of the plant you think he’s eaten with you for identification purposes. Upon arriving, your vet may induce vomiting, then put your cat on fluid therapies or other treatments to get rid of the poison and return your cat’s systems to normal function.


It’s much easier to prevent lily poisoning than have to deal with its consequences. If you own a cat, especially a curious one, don’t keep lilies in your home. If you must have them, take steps to ensure your cat can’t reach the plants and ingest any part of them.

While cats might not always decide on chewing a lily plant in the garden, it’s safest if there’s no chance that they can. Don’t keep lily plants in your garden or yard if your cat goes outdoors and roams around—it’s not worth the worry and potential danger later. Ask your Central Indianapolis vet more about lily poisoning as well as other toxic plants you may be unknowingly subjecting your cat to.


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