Treating Minor Cuts in Dogs

Dogs can suffer minor cuts from a variety of things—brushing against a sharp object, scraping a rock, a prick from a thorn—but a small cut that isn’t bleeding profusely doesn’t necessarily have to warrant a trip to the emergency room. Follow these steps from your Central Indianapolis veterinarian to provide immediate care for your dog.

Clean the Wound

First, press a towel against the wound to stop any minor bleeding. If the wound seems to keep bleeding or if it seems serious, take your dog to your veterinarian immediately.

If the wound appears dirty with any foreign materials, clean it with warm water and a non-stinging antiseptic. Use a towel or cloth that won’t lose its fibers—you don’t want threads sticking to the wound.

Apply a Cold Compress

A bag of frozen vegetables or a wet cold towel will do just fine—press it against your dog’s wound for several minutes to lower any minor swelling. Again, if the wound seems to be swelling more than just a touch, you’ll want to contact your veterinary professional.

Ointment is Optional

If you desire, you can apply a small bit of antibiotic ointment to the wound a few times a day. Contact your Central Indianapolis veterinarian before doing so to make sure it is safe, as well as to find out what products might work for dogs.


Lastly, bandage the wound to make sure your dog doesn’t lick it. Prevent your pet from trying to scratch off or remove the bandage in any way. Change the bandage at least once a day.

Call Your Vet

While you don’t have to rush your dog to the ER after a minor cut, it’s always a good idea to call your veterinarian after providing immediate care for the laceration. Describe the wound itself, your process of cleaning it, and what caused it if you’re aware. Your veterinarian can tell you if he or she would like to check out your dog personally to make sure no complications can result.


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